Clonakilty Flood Relief Scheme


The Clonakilty Flood Relief Scheme is designed to protect the town of Clonakilty from fluvial flooding from the Ballyhalwick River, the River Fealge, the Cappeen Stream and the Garage Stream along with tidal flooding from Clonakilty Bay.

The works are comprised of two main elements which include a flood storage area upstream of the town to protect against fluvial flooding and new flood defence walls from Emmet Square to the Croppy Road to protect against tidal flooding.

Construction Stage 

Ward and Burke Construction Ltd were appointed to carry out the Scheme Works on 23rd February 2018.  Construction of the Scheme is complete, and the town has been protected from flooding since December 2019.

Public Information Clinics

As the project has reached Substantial Completion, the Public Information Clinics are no longer taking place.  Any queries can be directed towards the Clonakilty FRS Communications Coordinator at +353 (0)21 480 9800.

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